This number is called Largest Foot it can fill much more than Larger Foot Mutiverses. If you want to see how big is largest foot you have to wait till the end. Anyways I'm not really sure if this is bigger than Sam's Number but you can make a number larger than Sam's Number like Sam's Number^Sam's Number this number isn't useful but it is bigger than you think. Also there is only 2 notations that can beat this number okay maybe not but if want to see how big is Largest Foot and Larger Foot sooner than okay so Largest Foot is FOOT (Larger Foot) (10^100) Larger Foot is FOOT (Large Foot) (10^100) last Large Foot is FOOT (Big Foot) (10^100) so if you want to beat this number than write under okay bye :)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Username not your real name: about number and how big:

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